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Working at the “Radical Center”

We hear daily that our nation is “polarized.” But there are important areas of collaboration and common ground that are happening under the radar. MacArthur genius Gary Paul Nabhan‘s work brings together environmentalists and food producers — with exciting results.

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Microbiome: the ecosystem inside your body

Each one of us is more like a forest than a tree. From our skin on in, we contain untold millions of genetically diverse organisms whose job it is to keep us healthy. Science is just beginning to understand how they work — and how this understanding can be used to treat and prevent illness.

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Come to your Census: What’s at stake in 2020

When it comes to the census, New Mexico the most difficult state in the US to get an accurate count of its residents. Why? And why does it matter so much? What are the politics of counting? Sara Solovich of Searchlight New Mexico, tells the story of our sprawling, rural state, and what’s at stake if the count is not accurate.

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Award-winning radio host Mary-Charlotte Domandi partners with the Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest newspaper in the West, to bring you in-depth interviews on subjects from politics to the arts to science and nature. We bring you two podcasts a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and available any time you want to listen.

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