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Surviving and thriving in N.M.—during crisis times and beyond

How do you improve county infrastructures and systems so that they serve 100% of the people–especially during times of crisis? We talk to authors-activists Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello about places in New Mexico that are working out exactly this question.

Measuring the spread

The way things spread–whether a virus, a rumor, or a forest fire–is pretty much the same mathematically. We talk to Dr. Stuart Kauffman about the actual amount of social distancing it takes to halt the spread.

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Doctors to the rescue

Andrew Lustig, founder and president of Global Outreach Doctors, talks about sending physicians and integrative medicine practitioners to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where gender violence and rape are pervasive.

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Constructing the U.S.-Mexico border

Historian C.J. Alvarez tells the history of the border through it many building projects — designed both to keep people (and cattle) out of the US and to facilitate the flow of commodities in both directions.

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Award-winning radio host Mary-Charlotte Domandi partners with the Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest newspaper in the West, to bring you in-depth interviews on subjects from politics to the arts to science and nature. We bring you two podcasts a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and available any time you want to listen.

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