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is a program of in-depth conversations with activists, scientists, authors, artists, and other deep thinkers. Our newest shows, ScienceRadioCafe and RadioActivism, are about how the world works, and about how to respond to the big issues of our time — threats to democracy; assaults on land, water, and climate; crazy inequality. Not that we have magical solutions, but we can shine a light on what’s going on and perhaps even find ways that each of us can do our part.
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Recent Programs

Smart and sane foreign relations…

…seems possible, at least when you’re talking to Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies. She asks reasonable questions like, What would it take to transition to a less militaristic, diplomacy-based foreign policy?

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Cancer’s Fingerprints

Cancer researcher Ludmil Alexandrov talks about the CSI of cancer–how to find out, on a cellular level, what are the external factors that cause cancer, and what that means for prevention.

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