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Telling the truth about religious child abuse

Children are the victims of abuse and neglect by religious institutions and ideologies–and often the most trusted members of the community are responsible. Journalist Janet Heimlich and minister Dr. Jaime Romo talk about recognizing the signs of religious maltreatment and healing from child abuse.

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Bloomsday in Santa Fe

Who was James Joyce, why is his 1922 novel Ulysses still so influential today, and why do Joyce’s fans celebrate June 16 every year as “Bloomsday”? Find out all that and so much more, as we talk to three local hard core Joyce geeks.

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What happened in Gaza…and why?

What is the nature of the special relationship between the US and Israel? Why were 60 people killed–11 of them children–earlier this month by Israeli soldiers? What are the possible paths to ending this decades-long conflict? Foreign policy expert Phyllis Bennis shares her expertise.

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Award-winning radio host Mary-Charlotte Domandi partners with the Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest newspaper in the West, to bring you in-depth interviews on subjects from politics to the arts to science and nature. We bring you two podcasts a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and available any time you want to listen.

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