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Love and Marriage: A Deep History

Our ideas about marriage tend to include assumptions about what is “natural” or “universal”–most of which are not true. Anthropologist Laura Fortunato helps us sort out the diversity of marriage and family traditions throughout the world.

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Congresswoman Debra Haaland and the Green New Deal

Congresswoman Deb Haaland supports it, as do innumerable young people and veteran climate activists alike. Hear Haaland as well as youth activist Hannah Laga-Abramand environmental activist Craig O’Hare, as they talk about their perspectives on climate mitigation.

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Building a truly successful education system

David Osher has devoted his life to building an education system that respects and meets the needs of all students, and that allows more successful structures to replace outdates ones. We talked to him during his recent visit to New Mexico.

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Is our weed killer killing us?

Juries are finding that Monsanto’s Roundup is a dangerous carcinogen–and that the company has been misrepresenting its toxicity. Author Carey Gillam talks about her book Whitewash, the efforts to hold Monsanto accountable, and a vision for an agriculture that doesn’t rely on heavy chemical use.

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Award-winning radio host Mary-Charlotte Domandi partners with the Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest newspaper in the West, to bring you in-depth interviews on subjects from politics to the arts to science and nature. We bring you two podcasts a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and available any time you want to listen.

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