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Recent Programs

Does Money Really Grow on Trees?

Yes it does, according to Tony Juniper, author of What Has Nature Ever Done for Us He talks about the economic, as well as the spiritual and aesthetic values of ecosystem services, and how our values must change in order for our economies to thrive.

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Does Wildlife Services serve wildlife?

This federal agency kills over three million animals every year, many of them native species. Why are they killing, and how are they doing it? We talk to Wild Earth Guardians which investigates the agency, and we also discuss wildlife trapping in NM.

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Radio Activism

Since election day 2016, countless people have become politically active for the first time in their lives … or would like to but aren’t sure what to do. If that’s you, this podcast is for you. It’s also for activists who are leading the movements on issues of fairness, justice, and democracy.

Some of the programs will be about the latest news. Others will give history and deep background about how we got to this point in history. Some will be with well-known leaders; most will be with amazing people you’ve never heard of. All the shows offer ideas and solutions, and ways — big and small — that you can get involved.
We welcome your input, questions, and ideas!