Radio Activism

Meredith McGehee is chief of policy, programs, and strategy with Issue One in Washington DC. They have recently released a stunning report called The Price of Power, which lays out the reality that our elected officials have to pay to be on congressional committees. The more prestigious the committee, the more the member of congress has to pay. Chairmanships cost even more. How much?
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee: $400,000
Ways and Means Committee: $1.2 million
House Majority leader: $10 million
Speaker of the House: $20 million
It’s a problem, because members of congress are spending huge amount of their time raising money at call centers — dialing for dollars — instead of representing their constituents.
This is just one of the issues that Issue One is focused on. Others include transparency, disclosure, participation in elections, corruption, and enforcement of existing laws.
Listen to Meredith McGehee here.