Down to Earth

Allen Williams is a sixth-generation farmer and rancher from South Carolina, where he grew up around a multitude of farm animals and fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables. His academic education taught him industrial agriculture methods, but over time he has come full circle and returned to an ecosystem-based view of food production, in which grazing animals actually restore land and live in cooperation with wildlife in rich polyculture landscapes. In this program he explains how he came to his vision, where it’s being done successfully around the world, and why it’s urgent that we move away from industrial agriculture as quickly as possible.

He is based at Joyce Farms in Mississippi, and works with the Grassfed Exchange. He is author of the book, Before You Have A Cow, which is for people going into cattle growing. He will be a speaker at the upcoming Quivira Coalition Conference in November.

This program is produced in collaboration with the Quivira Coalition.