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Nick Nichols is an award-winning photojournalist and artist, who for decades has traveled all over the world making photographs for National Geographic. He is the subject of a new book by Melissa Harris, A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Photographer Michael Nichols, published by Aperture Books. We talk about his adventures, the dangers and rewards of photography, and the gains made in conservation because of his work.

All photos courtesy of Aperture and Michael Nichols/National Geographic Creative.
Jane Goodall and the chimpanzee Gregoire, Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of Congo, 1995; from A Wild Life (Aperture, 2017)

C-Boy (shot in infrared nonvisible light), Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 2012; from A Wild Life (Aperture, 2017)

Michael “Nick” Nichols, self-portrait, Republic of Congo, 1999; from A Wild Life (Aperture, 2017)

Sita and cub, Bandhavgarh National Park, 1996; from A Wild Life (Aperture, 2017)