Santa Fe New Mexican

“Lunch shaming.” I’d never heard of it before, but apparently there are many children in public schools all across the United States whose parents get behind on their payments for school lunches. When these kids get to the front of the lunch line if their account is not in good standing the cafeteria workers throw away their hot lunches and milk and give them a cold cheese sandwich. Sometimes their arms are stamped with the words, “I need lunch money.” In some cases they’re deprived of food altogether.
New Mexico passed the first law in the nation banning lunch shaming. In today’s program we talk to Jenny Ramo Executive director of New Mexico Appleseed, who promoted this legislation, and Debrianna Mansini actress and writer, whose one-woman show, the Meatball Chronicles, will be performed at the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living on Sunday May 20 at 4pm and Monday May 21 at 7.