Down to Earth

Cole Bush is a shepherdess, entrepreneur, and educator. Founder of Shepherdess Land & Livestock and Grazing School of the West, she uses a “flerd” (flock-herd) of sheep and goats to restore landscapes and prevent fire. She’s also bringing along a generation of new shepherds, and is cultivating entrepreneurial businesses that spring from this work, such as meat, hides, and wool.

2’43 how sheep and goats prevent fire
5’04 what disrupted ecologies look like, and managing for fire adapted ecologies
6’47 goals of those who pay for this work
8’03 the clients for animal based fire reduction–across the board
10’16 moving animals without having to put them on trucks
10’56 healthy landscapes doesn’t mean untouched by people, but rather good stewardship
11’34 sheep and goats can safely go where people with machines cannot
12’22 documenting the effect of grazing on fire, and on fire fighter safety
13’21 climate impact of grazing on many levels
14’05 flood and fire
18’32 learning the profession
19’41 passing on the knowledge
21’34 the great need for training and for more shepherds
23’15 Dylan, her head shepherd, was able to learn and then break out into his own business
23’31 Boek House Hearth & Husbandry https://www.boekhouse.com
24’41 the many other products that can come from animal husbandry
26’20 an organic model of growing other businesses and vocations
27’53 lots of new people being drawn to grazing even though it’s hard work
29’59 Marker 23
31’14 teaching shepherding to incarcerated people and do fire risk reduction around the facilities
34’17 changes in the lives of the incarcerated shepherds
37’23 the potential to decrease recidivism
38’54 her biggest challenges
42’29 regenerate conference