Down to Earth

Rachael and James Stewart were both personal trainers in Phoenix, Arizona, eating a high-protein diet. When the pandemic hit, they decided to make some big changes. Stu (James) sold a classic car and they bought some land in southeastern Arizona, where they are in the first phase of starting a ranch for goats, sheep, and heritage poultry–Southwest Black Ranchers.
Stew is African American, Rachael is Filipina-Mexican, and their children are loving their life outdoors and with the animals.

1’24 from personal trainers to regenerative farmer/ranchers
3’55 bought land by selling a classic car
4’16 how to optimally cultivate ten acres of land in Arizona
4’38 raising goats, sheep, pheasants, heritage turkeys, ducks–things not available in grocery stores
5’32 plan to deliver all over Arizona
6’45 refugee populations and their culinary habits–they’re driving long distances to buy goat meat
7’41 starting up without a large capital investment–using the model of developing country farmers
10’21 building a sunken greenhouse with hyper adobe bricks
12’12 using GoFundMe
12’47 regenerating soil with ducks
13’41 growing fruit trees
14’15 using hydroponics and aquaponics
15’22 thinking about Black generational trauma and going back to the land
17’40 getting their kids into farming
18’08 black and brown representation in farming
19’36 “sometimes progression is actually regression”
20’36 how the children have taken to the farm life
22’01 giving children options
22’58 challenges of transition from urban to rural
23’46 great for kids to be outdoors all the time
24’46 too many electronics in cities
26’35 cultivating positive energy and a safe space for visitors
27’04 learning how to work with animals
28’57 going back to a lower tech mindset
30’08 finding balance in all things
31’23 not a “bottom line ranch” but rather natural foods and a balanced life
31’57 3-d printed steak and other crazy things
33’09 looking at shorter and medium term goals
34’28 starting out seasonal, going to full time
37’06 letting go of other people’s expectations