Down to Earth

Dr. Hubert Karreman studied soil science in college, and working on the land he fell in love with dairy cows and organic farming. Working with large animals led him to study veterinary medicine, and he specializes in holistic and organic methods including homeopathy and plant medicine. He was appointed to the USDA National Organic Standards Board in 2005-2010 and has written three books on natural treatments for dairy cows. He and his wife Suzanne own Reverence Farms, a pasture-based, diversified regenerative farm that includes dairy cows, sheep, pigs, and hens.

2’33 from soil science to dairy farming
5’15 getting into natural veterinary medicine
6’39 ambulatory clinic in Pennsylvania
8’32 practicing integrative veterinary medicine
9’52 efficacy of homeopathy
13’16 consumer drive toward fewer antibiotics and using time botanicals medicine
16’09 parallels between return to pre-industrial medicine and pre-industrial farming
19’44 karreman’s dairy farming practices, keeping cows and calve s together
23’25 the economics of separating calves from their mothers vs. keeping them together
25’18 letting domestic animals eat food as close as possible to what their wild cousins eat makes for the best digestive health and health overall
25’51 linke to fred podcast, insert down to earth radio.com
26’14 naturally raised cows need less veterinary medicine
30’41 regenerative grazing organic farms are good for the land
33’47 return to regeneration is inevitbable eventually
35’35 people like to see cows on the landscape
36’53 the part of North Carolina where his farm is used to have lots of dairy farms, but now there are very few…why?
39’16 shift in ag research from the public to private companies
41’14 some farmers leave the entire system because of corruption
42’20 centering his practice around connection, relationships, love, reverence
43’16 deep reverence and connection across species