Down to Earth

Lorenzo Dominguez was a successful marketing and corporate communications executive in New York City. But during the pandemic he and his wife made the decision to change their lives in order to find a more nature-based and connected way of life. They bought 350 acres in northern New Mexico, called it Chelenzo Farms, and are working to restore the land, grow both market produce and desert plants, and above all to connect with neighbors and regenerative agriculture and restoration practitioners in order to foster research, education, and community.

2’34 journey from New York corporate career to farmer in New Mexico
4’59 choosing a way of life based on longevity practices, including continual learning
7’12 how he found the land when they moved there
8’13 vision of restoring/regreening the land
8’54 using soil restoration principles
10’12 trying to restore the land at least partially to grass prairie land
11’32 having a New York attitude in New Mexico, and at the same tine absorbing the community-oriented culture here
13’22 working with others, listening to a diversity of opinions
15’06 integrating art into their farm, two new murals
16’18 focusing on Mexican culture in New Mexico
18’57 what they’re growing on the farm–produce, succulents, including agave
21’43 doing water catchment, ground water irrigation, mulch, water-harvesting earthworks, and using desert plants
23’06 growing and eating cactus and its fruit
24’20 using indigenous practices, like water-harvesting earthworks
25’17 trimming juniper trees rather than cutting them down, and using the trim o the ground to cultivate more vegetation
27’15 working with lots of different people, using the “it takes a village” way of doing things
28’20 Good Farmers book about indigenous farmers in Latin America
29’14 National Native Seed conference, learning the concept of planning seven generations ahead
32’09 agave in ecosystems and how they conserve water
34’43 figuring out the long term plan for the farm
37’25 education, research, and community
38’26 how do you get government money to people who aren’t good grant writers, how do you make it easier
42’24 his radio show on regenerative agriculture
43’15 striving for longevity
44’15 The Blue Zones book
44’45 In Defense of Food film that features very old people who have stayed active
45’46 the importance of community for good health in old age
46’39 how their kids are making the transition from suburban east to rural southwest
47’30 no televisions or streaming services in their home, spend time reading, playing games, and outdoors
48’25 chelenzofarms.com