Down to Earth

Calla Rose Ostrander is an expert on climate change policy and regenerative agriculture — and the place where those worlds meet. She offers a hopeful vision of how agriculture could transform from climate problem to solution.
And it’s not only a vision. It’s actually happening, thanks to innovators like the Marin Carbon Project, Fibershed, the Carbon Cycle Institute, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service — and many more.
This work offers us a different way of seeing the world, in which trash and waste are reframed as nutrients, in which industrial systems become living systems, and in which carbon emissions become part of the carbon cycle. It’s also a world of strange bedfellows, in which farmers, environmentalists, ranchers, bureaucrats, and industrialists sit down together and talk about mutually beneficial solutions.


I talked to Calla Rose for about an hour. For those who want more detailed information about her projects, funding streams, and details, you can listen to the unabridged version here: