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The Raft: a transatlantic social experiment

What would happen if you put eleven strangers on a raft at sea for three months? In 1973, an anthropologist did just that—and the results surprised him. 43 years later director Marcus Lindeen, built a replica of the raft and invited the survivors of the journey to share their memories of it.

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In Memoriam: Murray Gell-Mann

Murray Gell-Mann was one of the brightest lights not only in physics but in all of science. A modern-day Renaissance man he had, according to current Santa Fe Institute president David Krakauer said Gell Mann, “a mind both cavernous and extensive — animated by the most intense fire of roguish curiosity that I have ever beheld.”

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Deep Science Radio

This a show for everyone, nerds and non-nerds alike, where you can hear in-depth interviews with scientists and science writers about things that affect the rest of us—and things that are just incredibly interesting. We welcome your ideas, questions, and comments!