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The Raft: a transatlantic social experiment

What would happen if you put eleven strangers on a raft at sea for three months? In 1973, an anthropologist did just that—and the results surprised him. 43 years later director Marcus Lindeen, built a replica of the raft and invited the survivors of the journey to share their memories of it.

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In Memoriam: Murray Gell-Mann

Murray Gell-Mann was one of the brightest lights not only in physics but in all of science. A modern-day Renaissance man he had, according to current Santa Fe Institute president David Krakauer said Gell Mann, “a mind both cavernous and extensive — animated by the most intense fire of roguish curiosity that I have ever beheld.”

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What is the internet doing to your brain?

Are you distracted, unable to read deeply or for more than a few minutes? Are you continually checking your devices? If so, you’re one of millions whose brains have changed because of our technologies. Nicholas Carr is one of the world’s leading experts on how this works–and what we can do.

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Deep Science Radio

This a show for everyone, nerds and non-nerds alike, where you can hear in-depth interviews with scientists and science writers about things that affect the rest of us—and things that are just incredibly interesting. We welcome your ideas, questions, and comments!