Recent Programs

For the love of soil

A conversation with agro-ecologist, educator, and author Nicole Masters, on how to apply regenerative agriculture practices for health and profit–and how these can have a transformative effect on both our well being as growers, eaters, and members of the planetary ecosystem.

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Lost City of the Monkey God

How do you find an ancient Mesoamerican city under a dense and dangerous rainforest? Steve Elkins figured it out, and Doug Preston wrote a book about it…and now it’s the cutting edge of archaeology.

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All of us are part of a collective intelligence–from our communities, to our workplaces, to our governments. We talk to MIT professor Tom Malone about how artificial intelligence and information technology can make our group mind smarter–and more democratic.

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Deep Science Radio

This a show for everyone, nerds and non-nerds alike, where you can hear in-depth interviews with scientists and science writers about things that affect the rest of us—and things that are just incredibly interesting. We welcome your ideas, questions, and comments!